Winter Yoga Classes

Winter is hard when you love to paddle.

Through magazines and Facebook, we have been hearing about a number of alternatives to outdoor paddling as of late. It may sound hard to believe, but a number of gyms are taking paddling indoors for the winter. There are articles out recommending winter exercises or excursions to stay in SUP shape, "Indoor SUP studios" without water, and different indoor SUP yoga boards available for purchase.

Most interesting to us, and what we've maybe heard the least about, is POOL SUP YOGA! Now, we don't actually get to use a paddle in the pool, but unless you're out there paddling the lakes until they freeze (right on!), this might be as close as you can get to a summer-like SUP experience this winter in NJ. We think this is a great way not have to give up all the benefits paddle board yoga has to offer for a whole season or longer.

Over the past year, we have teamed up with a few Lifetime Fitness gyms to provide pool SUP yoga classes.

In the winter these classes have been in the indoor pools, and we have to say, it's been a blast! The pools at Lifetime are roomy, and facilities are clean and modern with HUGE windows.

We think winter is hard enough. Why not take a chance to get back on a board?

We deliver year round--we go wherever the water is. If you want to see this at your gym, let them (and us!) know!

Never taken a SUP yoga class? Here are a few articles that begin to explain why it's so popular:

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