We are currently working with an awesome company out of Ocean City, Maryland. 

We have added some of their boards to our fleet, and we have brand new boards for sale. We love the durability and beauty of their bamboo construction! These are some high quality boards.

Anything you see on their website we can order for you, including inflatable boards. 

The following are some of our most popular boards for sale:

Yoga "Roots" Board

Pictured above is the Yoga Roots SUP with a cork top. This model's elongated deck pad and flatter deck make this an incredibly comfortable and stable floating yoga mat. Tie downs on the nose and tail make it easy to set up anchors. We currently have this model in stock with a regular foam top--cork top available upon request!

New with foam top for $1099

Dimensions: 10'6" x 32"x 4.6" // 10'4" x 32" x 4.5" 


This model is "the caddy of stand up paddle boards." It's a great all around board for beginner to intermediate paddlers up to 230 lbs.

New for $1039

Dimensions: 10'6 x 32" x 4.6"

These are the available colors for the Padillac. Call to order your favorite!

Big Fish

Also known as the Big Sexy, this board is just that. Specially designed for the fishing fanatic, this board features a flat wide deck with tie downs behind the feet that will secure your cooler, as well as seven interchangeable Connexsup attachments making it easy for you to outfit your board with poles, tackle, etc.

This board easily carries 300lbs.

New for $1199

Dimensions: 10'10" x 35" x 5"

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